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Fibre Max Kit
Fibre Max Kit

Fibre Max Kit

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As we get older our ability to view small objects especially alpaca fibre and define differences in light tones and colours reduces. This is due to the many ageing processes that the eye goes through which cause a decrease in visual acuity and a loss of contrast sensitivity. Causes include cataract, age related macula degeneration and a general loss of function.

The only way to improve our visual acuity is to use increased magnification. This can be done using reading glasses for close objects or if we are sufficiently myopic to remove our distance spectacles. But even a +4 dioptre reading addition or removing a -4dioptre distance correction will only give a 1X magnification. To get a 2X magification you would need a +8 dioptre correction which would involve a working distance of 12.5cm which is normally too close for comfortable viewing. To overcome this you need a telescope system.

The Fibre max Clip is for those of us who need to wear spectacles to view close  or distant objects.

The Fibre Max Clip uses a telescope system (2X magnification) that attaches to your spectacles.

The Fibre Max frame also uses a 2X telescope system but does not require attaching to spectacles as it comes with it's own frame mounting.

Because it is not a simple magnifying glass it has a comfortable viewing distance of 40cm and leaves your hands free to work the fleece sample.

Fibre Max Clip (This is for you if you wear spectacles bifocals, varifocals or reading glasses)

Fibre Max Frame (This is for you if you do not require a spectacle correction for near ie reading glasses or if you wear contact lenses for all distances).


To improve contrast sensitivity we need to improve the lighting available. The Fibre Max Kit comes with a 12v rechargeable light unit with a clamp, USB lead and plug adapter. To aid the contrast further the kit comes with a matt white and a matt black acrylic sheet.


The Fibre Max Kit comes in a handy metal briefcase for ease of carrying and protection.