Popham Alpacas - the home of Pure Cornish Alpaca

Alpaca meet, greet and walk

Alpaca walking or trekking is proving very popular so we have decided to combine a walk with a "meet and greet" session. Relax with the alpacas and learn about their origins, feeding, breeding and uses and then take an alpaca out for a short "trek" around the farm. Great for those of you wishing to try an activity of a different nature that takes you away from the hectic hustle and bustle and enjoy the alpaca's company and our splendid views.

Cher and Symphony are two of our favourite alpacas for walking. Very good on the lead and they love to be cuddled.

Meet and Greet and Walk with Alpacas (approx. 1 1/2 hours)

Meet and greet alpacas

Farm walk with alpacas

Introduction and general discussion about alpacas, their uses and origins

Relax with refreshments and handle their wonderful fleece and products

Ideal for birthdays and surprise occasions so why not upgrade to the "Prosecco" walk